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Hello! I'm Louis "sirlou" Kahn and I'm interested in providing you with adventures and gaming supplements that hearken back to the days of yore (the late 1970's), and helping you recapture the passion and excitement you felt the first time you played a role-playing game!


News: Eternal Knight

JUNE 2017: I am truly pleased and very proud to announce the release of my sixth module, "Eternal Knight".  It is available for purchase now in PDF format from me, with the PRINT format coming soon!

Eternal Knight is a an thrilling adventure in which the players must help a noble knight return to her eternal rest by facing off against demons from the Planes of Hell!! It is compatible with OSRIC, 1E, and 2E game systems. This module is meant for mid-level players, providing a challenge for a group of 4-6 players of levels 6 to 8.

This module provides wonderful background information and additional areas for adventure for those GM’s setting their campaigns in the my ever expanding campaign world, which now comprises three different kingdoms: JarlburghAlderburgh and The Red Eagle Barony.


News: OSRIC Interview

APRIL 2017: I was very happy to be recently interview by Dave Johnson for the Unofficial ORRIC Facebook page, wherein I discuss my RPG background, writing, and my current & upcoming projects. Give it a read here: Louis "sirlou" Kahn Interview


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